from Crete with love

from Crete with love

from Crete with love

Recently I helped with organisation of the 3rd ESWC Summer School which took place in Crete, specifically, in a very small village on the southern coast – Kalamaki. I met  a couple of summer school tutors there, Maribel and Fabian, who happen to be a couple :)

It occurred to me that I may not have the opportunity to shoot a couple in Crete ever, therefore I molested them to allow me to take few shots of them on a lovely Kalamaki beach. They finally agreed to have a quick impromptu session.

There was no time for make up or change of clothes, so we just went on the beach as they were. It’s a real shame that we only had around 15-20 minutes. But I am still very happy with the results (although would love to have more time with them).

This was actually a learning curve for me, as I am not used to shoot in such a harsh light. And so, it seems that shooting in the commonly considered dream location (i.e. beach at the sunset) is actually quite challenging work :)


000-beach-couples-photography-MF 001-beach-couples-photography-MF 002-beach-couples-photography-MF 003-beach-couples-photography-MF 004-beach-couples-photography-MF 005-beach-couples-photography-MF 006-beach-couples-photography-MF 007-beach-couples-photography-MF



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