mk rose

mk rose

mk rose

I really like shooting in Milton Keynes Campbell Park.

It’s located in central Milton Keynes, it’s diverse and simply beautiful (plus there is sheep!!! ;) ) Recently the only fountain that was there has been replaced with construction called MK Rose.

So, as the weather improved (finally) we met with our friends there to see it.  It’s quite photogenic thing (though, I would still appreciate having a great fountain located somewhere in the park).

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you MK Rose (and few snaps of our friends ;) )


Milton-Keynes-Campbell-Park-000 Milton-Keynes-Campbell-Park-001 Milton-Keynes-Campbell-Park-002 Milton-Keynes-Campbell-Park-003 Milton-Keynes-Campbell-Park-004 Milton-Keynes-Campbell-Park-005 Milton-Keynes-Campbell-Park-006 Milton-Keynes-Campbell-Park-007




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