spring is finally here

spring is finally here

spring is finally here

We had to postpone this “engagement” photo-shoot few¬†times, but I think it was all worth it. We had really gorgeous spring weather and fantastic light.

Even though I had a cold, it was just a pleasure to work with these two so I quickly forgot about my misery. We had so much fun together. Cannot wait for their wedding in June.

Note to self: when you see very tall metal fence, it is there probably for a reason. Like to protect something. It is not there for you to see it as a perfect photo background :)))


milton-keynes-engagement-photography-RM-000 milton-keynes-engagement-photography-RM-001 milton-keynes-engagement-photography-RM-002 milton-keynes-engagement-photography-RM-003 milton-keynes-engagement-photography-RM-004 milton-keynes-engagement-photography-RM-005 milton-keynes-engagement-photography-RM-006



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