The Bophins

The Bophins

The Bophins

It’s an amazing feeling when our clients are so pleased with our photos they come back for more :)

I think, it is safe to say, that this is true on this occasion as well. Predominantly, we¬†specialise in wedding photography, therefore almost never get to shoot anything else. But because we shot Sylvie’s engagement and wedding, she thought about us when the time came to have a photo-shoot of her band – The Bophins.

And I need to thank her for this opportunity, because we loved every second of that day :)

TheBophins-Music-Band-Photography-001 TheBophins-Music-Band-Photography-002 TheBophins-Music-Band-Photography-003 TheBophins-Music-Band-Photography-004 TheBophins-Music-Band-Photography-005 TheBophins-Music-Band-Photography-006 TheBophins-Music-Band-Photography-007 TheBophins-Music-Band-Photography-008


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