what a couple

what a couple

what a couple

What a couple, indeed!

Recently we had a pleasure to spend warm and sunny evening with wonderful Pauline and Philip. They were just the best people to work with. They came fully prepared (hair and make up done, two outfits, etc.) , with several ideas of their own :)

We had lots of laughs, and the session resulted in a lot of images I absolutely adore. Here is a small sample :)

000-engagement-photography-milton-keynes-PP 001-engagement-photography-milton-keynes-PP 002-engagement-photography-milton-keynes-PP 003-engagement-photography-milton-keynes-PP 004-engagement-photography-milton-keynes-PP 005-engagement-photography-milton-keynes-PP 006-engagement-photography-milton-keynes-PP 007-engagement-photography-milton-keynes-PP

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